Happy clients share their experiences with B.F.F. Pet Sitting

K.D.- Thank you for taking such good care of Charlie and Sam. Normally  when I return home they are hiding under the bed and don't come out for a few hours. This time they came right out! I can only think it's due to the care you gave them. P.S. They love the toys!

 KB-I cannot thank you enough for all of your attentive, loving care of my kitties this past year. BFF/you are the true embodiment of "peace of mind" while I leave my elderly cats in your excellent care! I so appreciate the attention to detail and all of the proactive, little extra things you do to ensure all goes smoothly in my absence. I wish I could take you with me when I move out of state.
 Sidney (a sweet beagle client): I would like to add a testimonial, please! My name is Sidney and I love Miss Tracey coming to visit me when Dad & Mom are away.  I'm not feeling too good lately and Miss Tracey makes me feel so much better! No stress of going to the kennel with strangers and being away from my comfy couch and surroundings - she sends my parents a text msg with my picture when we play which makes my Mom sooooo happy. Its' not so bad when my parents go away anymore - Miss Tracey visits me often and we have great walks and playtime with my ball. Mom always giggles when she reads all the notes from Miss Tracey when they come home too. Thanks so much for a fabulous service and truly caring staff!!
B. Roberts-Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever Hank loves when Ms. Tracey comes to visit. He is very territorial and does not adapt to change very well, but he has adjusted very well when we are traveling and BFF comes to visit. He is actually becoming more social, learning to walk on a leash better and overall has a much better demeanor. Ms. Tracey is kind of like a dog whisperer!
I would recommend BFF Pet Sitting to anyone who wants loving and caring individuals to take care of their pets while they are at work or travel. Keeping Hank at home while we are away is always better than boarding. I am so happy my co-worker recommended BFF to me!
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